Friday, October 5, 2012

Changes in French

 Notre Dame Cathedral
 Chateau de Versailles 
 Eiffel Tower
Musée de Louvre
 Cafe de Flore

Wonder what are these pictures for? Nothing, hehe I just wanna share with you some of the places I wanna visit when i get the change to go to Paris. :-)
Bonjour. Comment allez-vous? Hahaha! Here i go again. Trying hard to write and speak Français. Why? Because I love it. I find their language lovely. Haha! But seriously, I really do. I'm so obsessed with it that I'm trying to learn it all by myself :)  You wanna  know why? Because one of my dreams is to go to Paris. (The City of Light & Love) I wanna communicate to the people well, I wanna explore the city, I wanna see the famous Eiffel Tower, I wanna taste French Croissant, I wanna go to museums there and a lot more. Tell me, Who doesn't want to go to Paris? It's such a lovely place. :) Okay, enough with my story. Haha. Have you seen the changes yet? Well, look at the top of the page and you'll see. What? What did you see? HAHAHA! "la fille chic moderne" Yes! It's my new blog's title. Am i too obvious that i really love French? :) Of course, I am. In English, "the modern chic girl" You wanna know why? Here, I'm gonna explain it.
Why French? - I love French (I'm being redundant, LOL) I wanna use it, para maiba naman! :) Not the usual blog name.
Why "the modern chic girl"? - My previous blog title is "Life as I know it", yeah. I got it from the movie "Life as we know it" hahaha. It was one of my fave, because Josh Duhamel was there. :) And i'm too lazy to think of blog's name so I got the idea from it, which is too obvious. :P
*modern - present time; up-to-date 
*chic - conforming to the current fashion; stylish
Modern and chic are perfect match. :) We're in the modern days where everything's different, everything has changed the way they used to before (Well not everything, mostly is the word) I love trends especially when it comes to fashion, I love to style myself and I REALLY LOVE FASHION. PERIOD. :) Did you guys love it? It's my own idea, so I'm happy now. I guess I'll stick to that. :)

Disclaimer: All photos used were from Google
Good Night and Good Morning guys, See you in my dreams, Paris, for now :-)
Bisous, xxx
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