Sunday, March 23, 2014

Reese Witherspoon: Personal Style

     We all have that one person/people whom we adore and love when it comes to their fashion style. One of mine is Reese Witherspoon. She's an actress (an Academy winner). I've seen her first in the movie Just like Heaven. Then, I searched her movies. Legally Blonde, Sweet Home Alabama, my favorite Water for Elephants with my Rpattz (lol) and This means War. She's also a mother to 3 beautiful children, and i could definitely say a woman with class & elegance. I love browsing E! Online's photos especially "Fashion Police" and I always see Reese's photos.
     Whether she's running errands or on the red carpet, Reese's style always catches my eyes. I mean, at the age of 38 she can still manage to look fab and chic! So envious, right?

From skirts...

To my favorite combo. Jeans + pointy pumps. She's the reason why i'm addicted to pants and pumps these days. Ooops. I just ordered 2 pairs online! Hahaha 

  Dress + jacket
  Reese looks so fab!

  Of course, the Red Carpet looks.

 and even in gym attire.

Ohhhh. Reese. You're such a chic mom. I can't get enough of your effortless ensembles. Such a class! You can never go wrong with her style. That's what i love about her. She dresses up looking so comfortable yet so fashionable. 

You too can share with me your favorite hollywood actor/actress with his/her personal style. I shared my first and Watch out for more! xxxx

All photos are from Google. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Black is my new fave

 Top: Jellybean | Shorts & Belt: Forever21 | Purse: Vintage Esprit | Necklace: From Mum | Shoes: Parisian 

I know, i know..  Still have that big tummy! That's why I've been wearing black! Hahaha And big fat face! So? Hahaha I believe that every woman should wear what they want regardless of their body size. Besides fashion is about how you express yourself. Dont be shy. Confident women are pretty women, right? Anyhoo, will keep my post short. 'til next time. xxxx

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