Saturday, February 8, 2014

Shocking yet beautiful

Do you ever wonder how someone could change your life?  

It's been months since my last post and i just wanna update my readers that this, my blog, is already a part of my life so I wanna share my shocking yet beautiful experience to everyone.
But before that, Here's my first fashion blog for this year. 


Tank top: Forever21
Lace top: H&M
Pants & Belt: Jag
Sandals: Mendrez

Oh, boy did I miss blogging!!!! :)
So here goes my story.
I'm 19 and I got pregnant... I got knocked up.. I know.. Shocking, isn't it? But beautiful in so many ways. I've never imagined myself getting pregnant this young. I'm a dreamer and I always plan everything in my life, even the little details but this is the most precious unplanned thing that's ever happened to me. I thank God for giving me my ZOE KASSANDRA. I couldn't be happier!

 I can't control what people might say. I've heard a lot. And I'm expecting more. Words hurt but as long as I have my family and friends who's always there for me thru my ups and downs I know I can do this. I can be whoever i want to be. God planned this because He knows what's best for me.

As I've said, I'm a dreamer and I have things i wanna do in life, including blogging. I will update my blog as long as i could and as long as I have time. When Zoe grows bigger I will include her in my fashion blog. Like mummy like baby! :)

I just wanna salute all the my mum, young mums and mums who have been my inspiration and source of strength in my journey to motherhood. You've proved to the world that Mother knows best. :) No, You've proved to the world that a mum's love will endure all.

I love you, Nanay Dads. <3

Have you noticed I've gained so much weight? And pimples popped out of my face. Ugh. Hahaha. Anyway, I'm still waiting for my bod to go back to its sexy form. lol :P
'til my next post! 


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