Saturday, June 29, 2013

Le Souer

I know, I know, this too should've been posted months ago. Haha My sister kept telling me to post this one already and here it is! :P These outfit shots are her outfits during our trip abroad. When it comes to fashion & style, we're totally different in a way that i wear any clothes I wanna wear but she's kind of the conservative type but really like shortsssss! Know what why? Cause she has the great legs evaah! :p Yes, really! hahaha. So here are her outfit shots. :)

One pair of shoes in 4 days!!! ;-)

Macau Outfit

 Just like me, she thought she could bear the cold breeze in HK and Macau, so she didn't wear stockings at first, but we're totally wrong! Hahah well, at least she brought stockings with her.

  She learned her lesson! HAHAHAHA

 Top and Skirt: Forever 21
Disneyland Outfit.
 Since Disneyland is considered the Happiest place on earth, Syempre, pabagets si ate! Hahaha Kiddo at heart! lol

 Top: F&X
Shorts: Freshgear

Ocean Park Outfit
 Layered Clothing (check)

Tank top (worn inside): Forever 21
Top: F&X
Shorts: Bench
Last day outfit
Jumpsuit (worn as top): Kamiseta

So, What do you thing of le souer's fashion style? Yay or Nay? :)

Ocean Park: Hong Kong (Better late than never)

Yes. Yes. I should have posted this months ago. Hahaha. Well, It's better late than never right? What a waste if i could not post all my oh-so-awesome-shots. Hahaha. lol :)) So again, last February we went to Hong Kong for a 3-day trip and a day at Macau. One of the itineraries is Ocean Park.

The super expensive flavored snow cone. I think it's $35.
Traveling with the fam bam is always the best.

Dolphin show!!! :)
The gigantic aquarium

Would you ride on this? hahaha
My favorite photo. It looks like the fish is smiling at us :)
It was a great experience for all of us, especially when we tried the cable car! Hahaha. I miss Hong Kong. I miss its great weather. I miss their Coca-Cola (Ours tastes different light. I mean the cola flavor in HK is strong. haha) Can't wait to travel another country soon. xx

Monday, June 10, 2013


Untitled? Yes. Because I don't know what title I should use. Tomorrow is big day! (start of school, again) and I feel like I'm not yet prepared for it. Projects, bunch of home works, recitations, quizzes, exams are waiting for me. NOOOOOOO! I'm gonna miss summer so much! Anyway, Since today's my last day of vacation I want to have my last vacation outfit post. If you may notice in the movies or someone you know, some universities and colleges in abroad don't have uniform which is really envious by the way. They get to wear whatever they want during school. Not that i don't like my school's uniform but I hope they will have wash day soon. Once a week will do :) So here's my outfit post :)

Fedora hat: Kultura
Top: Giordano
Mullet skirt: Betty (SM GTW)
Purse: SM Accessories
Rings: (L-R) Forever 21, Pinkbox

What do you think? :) I promise I'll try to blog more as long as I can during school days without interfering with my studies, of course. To all the students out there, Aja! Aja! Fighting! Do our best and God will do the rest! :)

I bought the top at Giordano in Hong Kong for $30HK = 150 php (What a steal, huh?)

Thanks to my ever supportive boyfriend for taking all the photos! :)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

No more changes.

     It's 4:15 am and I just finished updating my blog and its TITLE. I know, I know. It's my second time to change my blog's title. Originally It is Life as I know It. I changed it because at that time i can't think of a good title and I'm so hooked with Josh Duhamel and his film with Katherine Heigl, "Life as We know it". And then I'd changed it to La fille chic moderne, cause I'm a frustrated French. I'm so addicted to France especially I'm dying to learn their language. To speak and write well. People might get confuse about my nationality. Haha But now I'm contented with my title. I bet you have read it already before you started reading this. Hahaha Krizza Dinglasan. I don't know. I've been wanting to change it to my name because I'm not good with titles and everything so I stick to my identity. This is my blog. I'm proud. :) 
     As you can see i changed my header, gadgets and I added tabs so that i can categorize my posts. What do you think? It's better right? I should have done this long time ago but I'm just enjoying my vacation days. Being lazy, eating, catching up with tv series. Hahaha. So... here! At least it looks good already, not like before. Now I'm feeling so excited to blog moooooore. If I can do it everyday, I would. It's just there's no nice place near our house so i always use the pathway of our compound. Hahaha. Anyway, I hope you guys will continue to support my blog through reading. :-) That's all for now... xx

Sending my lovely readers hugs and kisses!

P.s. I just want to tell you guys that if you want to do something don't let anything or anyone stop you from doing it. Go for it. Just like how I am trying to be better at blogging.And I promise you, It'll make you the happiest! 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lazy Clothing

Hello to all my readers. It's been a long time since I've had my outfit post. As you know, I've been LAZY lately. hahaa. Just kidding. I've been enjoying my vacation so i keep forgetting to have my outfit shots. Sorry. But every time i get the chance I will :) I promise. So this is my version of lazy clothing. I've had this fab high waist shorts for quite some time already. The first time i saw it, I just fell in love with it. So many details :) So what do you think? Is it lazy enough? HAHAHA

Sunnies: SM Accessories
Top: From Japan
Belt: I forgot where i bought this belt! haha
High waist shorts: Runway Dreams
Shoes: Sanuk

Ohhhhh.. Blogging gives me so much  joy! :)

Do i look like i gained weight? I feel so fat. hahah :))

Friday, April 19, 2013

Bluer than blue

Addiction may come in good/bad way. Well, at least mine comes in a good way. hehe Blogging the clothes I wear gives me great happiness i couldn't even explain. It's just... It feels so good to be able to do what you really love the most. I bet most of you can relate, this is what I love, this is what i want and no once can stop me from doing this. :-) Hahaha.

 Halter top: courtesy of my mum :)
Mullet skirt: Betty - SM GTW
Belt: SM Dept. Store
Sunnies: SM Accessories

Two backgrounds in one outfit, great huh? HAHAHA
-Krizza xx

Thursday, April 18, 2013

fedora and feather

Oh boy, I really did miss blogging. It's almost dawn and here i am excited to post my outfit. Hahaha. I just can't help it. Sorry. I know, the time is inappropriate but it's fine with me though. Hahah. I feel like i'm going to Coachella with the fedora hat and the feather earrings. Ahhhh. It's my dream. Someday, I hope. :)  

 Excuse my cracked nail polish. HAHAHA!
 Fedora hat: Kultura
Dress: Jagthug
Sneakers: Converse

I just want to thank my readers (family & friends) for the continuous support with my blog. I know, I can't be like Kryz Uy, Laureen Uy, Camille Co or the other bloggers, FOR NOW, but maybe 3 to 5 years from now. We'll never know. HAHAHA (libre mangarap :P)

Do you think i should change my blog's name? Hahaha. I'm thinking of changing it to my name na lang. Yes or No? :)
Thanks to mummy yam for the dress. :) and thanks to my SUPER SUPPORTIVE and PATIENT sister, for taking all the photos. xx

Krizza xx 
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