Thursday, February 28, 2013

Layered Clothing

I considered people who experience 4 seasons lucky. Why? Because they get to experience spring, summer, fall and winter & they could wear everything they like. They could mix and  match and they could do "layered clothing". Philippines is a tropical country with only 2 seasons, the wet and dry seasons. When i first found out about out trip to Hong Kong, I was really excited not just because it: will be my first time to travel abroad but of course, I get to wear clothes I want w/o looking awkward in the eyes of people or without anyone looking at me as if there's something wrong with the way i dress myself.

Long sleeves & shorts: Forever 21
Socks: Giordano
Sneakers: Converse

Because it's still winter in Hong Kong I was finally able to do the "layered clothing" How was the look, guys? How i wish i could wear something like this or more here in the Philippines, hahaha. Missing HK already :(
-the modern chic girl

Monday, February 25, 2013


Before my outfit shot, I would like to show you one of my fave shots during our Disneyland adventure ;)
I fell in love with this sweatshirt the first i saw it. Perfect for our Disneyland visit. hehe
 Special thanks to Next Jeans for this Maroon skinny jeans. They had their instagram contest last year and I have won this with perfume and lotion.
 Ayoko naman sa Mickey & Minnie Mouse eh noh? hahaha My mum gave me this bag from Disneyland too, in Japan ;)
 Stolen to, promise! hahaha
Cap: Gap
Sweater: Forver21
Pants: Next Jeans 
Sneakers: Converse

Last 2 days in HK. Until my next post, my lovely readers. xo
-the modern chic girl

Sunday, February 24, 2013

City of Dreams

I didn't expect weather in Hongkong during February will be that cold. Look, I didn't wear any stockings, but boy, it is cold.  (Tiis lamig) HAHAHAH!! :))

Hello Macau! :) The weather here is almost the same in Hongkong. around 18 degrees Celsius.
Tito Roy (photobomber) lol
Oooopsss. Di ko na kinaya! hahahaha :)) I Bought stockings 'cos it's freeeeeaaaaaaking cold!! :p
Dress: Petite Monde
Scarves: SM Accessories
Flats: Mendrez 

Will post more about our trip to Macau and Hongkong soon! :) Will blog first all my outfits shots. xo
-the modern chic girl

Monday, February 11, 2013


Hello to all  my lovely readers. It's been a while since my last post. I've been very busy with school stuff for the past few weeks. Requirements, midterm exams and the like. But thank God, Midterm's over and hello finals na! hahaha. Yay. Vacation's near & I can't wait for Summah! :))
So yesterday, Sunday, my friends (TGIS, w/c includes my boyfriend, Keith) had our pre-valentine date. Coffee break, movie night & dinner at mega. Here's what I wore:

 I just love these flats so much. I use them at school and whenever i will do a lot of walking. So comfy and simple that they can be paired to most of my clothes. ;)
And this skirt. I pay for it half of its price. What a steal, right? :)
 Tank top: (worn inside) & Bandage skirt: Forever 21
Outer top: Gap
Bag: Wade
Flats: Mendrez

Will be posting some of our pictures from last night soon and blog about the resto, KKK.
Until then,
the modern chic girl
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