Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Long skirt

Hi everyone! Here is my latest outfit post which was shot in Cebu! HAHAHA. Hello, It's been a month already. I've been kind of stressed lately so the four things I can do when I couldn't sleep is: 1. Watch TV Series 2. Eat, Eat & Eat. 3. Read and lastly, 4. Write something.

I have been obsessed with maxi/long skirts since that time I wore it in Cebu (click the link so see my travel diary) with my matching cropped top. So the hunt for long skirts started.

I've tried looking for long skirts in mall, online shop (Instagram/Facebook) and my favorite online shop-to-go, Zalora. Take a look at Zalora's big range of long skirts here and help me decide! :)  While searching for a long skirt I also chanced upon a gorgeous selection of ballet flats. What do you think about Zalora's awesome collection of ballet flats? They've got everything you need, from head to toe for women and men.

Thank Goodness for long skirts. They make short ladies become a bit taller. Hahaha. They're flowy, playful and you can almost pair them with every top you've got in your closet. A cropped top, t-shirt, sleeveless shirt and even Chambray! It's all in the matter of styling and of course, feeling comfortable in everything you wear. :)

Until my next post, Can't wait to have my new long skirt!

Cropped Top: H&M
Long Skirt: Seventeen
Slippers: Havaianas 
Bag: Sophie Paris 


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