Saturday, August 18, 2012


What is fashion for you? How does it affect your life?
Based on, "Fashion is a general term or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, or furniture"

Yes, I agree. But I have my own definition of fashion. Well, for me, Fashion is one of the many ways to express ourselves. Not only on what we wear, but also in every aspect in our life.
E.g., I think if you're a happy/alive/cheerful person you always use clothes which are colorful and of course, maybe you're using colorful furniture or things in your house too. And sometimes what we feel, we can really express/show them through fashion. It's what i believe. Also, through fashion we can be more than creative. We can make things that we didn't know we could have done.
So . . . I made a little experiment and use my creativity (which i didn't know i had. haha) to create a new piece out of an old pair of jeans.

So here are the things i used. My old orange pants (bought them last 2009), Cut a piece from my ate's old cover-up, Syro's pair of scissors (I don't have scissors. haha), Mama's Sewing materials. (Thread, needle, Pins, Pin Cushion)
I don't have nothing to do a couple of weeks ago and i remember i had old jeans which i don't like to use anymore. It was 2009 when Colored-skinny jeans were in trend. So i bought two, Orange and yellow. Instead of buying new shorts, i DIY one. :-) I browse some designs of shorts and i found one that caught my eyes. First, I cut the pants into shorts, cut both sides and sewed lace on both sides..
And . . . ..  . ..  TADA!! Here it is! 

Isn't it cuuuuuuute? :-) Orange short shorts with lace! Many doesn't like the color, orange. But me, Oohh.. i love it! At First, i couldn't believe what i've done. I know it's not that good. But really, I'm proud with my work and I will continue DIY-ing. :-)

Love, xx

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