Sunday, September 23, 2012

Colorful + Sweets

I believe that most of girls dream of being a princess on their birthday or someday in their life. In our tradition, Girls celebrate their 18th birthday and boys on their 21st, called, debut. The famous 18 roses, 18 gifts, 18 candles and more 18's.
Last 14th of September, my bestfriend Hazel Mae G. Gallos "bhebygil" (our endearment to each other) celebrated her 18th birthday (actual birthday: September 10) with the theme of Candyfornia. (inspired by Katy Perry)

The part was held at Tanghalang Pasigueno, Pasig City.

The table's centerpiece.
She loves chocolate and everything sweet. :)

Foods were so delicious. Our classmate from high school (JL), His parent's business is a catering service. They catered Hazel's party.

Don't you just love the set-up? :)

The Debutante
(Sorry for the blurry shot, used my phone's camera)

Isn't she lovely? :)

Black is a Big No for the motif. So here's what I wore :)
Top: Gap
Floral Leggings: Clothepedia
Shoes & Neckpiece: St. Francis Square
Clutch: SM Dept. Store
Candy Bracelets: Divisoria
(Didn't get the chance to shoot. hehe )

My Date, I find the first photo very funny. haha

I was one of the contestants in  the Q&A game 

I'm the only girl in our table.
Cute fact: Tables were named after chocolates; Ours is KitKat
High school friends :) L-R: Rap, Jm, Jonath and my babe Keith :)

Babe on the 17th rose ;)

My best friend is a grown up now :)

Before My speech :)
I'm one of the 18 lollipops, which symbolizes unforgettable moment with the debutante.

Seriously, I'm bad at speeches. I always cry esp. when giving speeches to people whom i love the most.

My grade school friends :) I've missed them so much.
L-R: Kim, Ednel, Mia, Edzel & I

Group picture after the party.. Look, the photographer asked for that pose. We are all so cuuuuute!

Photo booth with babe.
I personally chose his checkered long-sleeves. I'm like his Fashion consultant. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Very bright and flash ng camera. HAHAAHA Geez, whatta hair!

Hazel giving her speech :)

Spell beautiful? :)

After the party :)

I'm just really blessed to have a best friend like Hazel. One of the best :)
Thank you for reading guys.
Disclaimer: Some photos are not mine :)

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