Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ocean Park: Hong Kong (Better late than never)

Yes. Yes. I should have posted this months ago. Hahaha. Well, It's better late than never right? What a waste if i could not post all my oh-so-awesome-shots. Hahaha. lol :)) So again, last February we went to Hong Kong for a 3-day trip and a day at Macau. One of the itineraries is Ocean Park.

The super expensive flavored snow cone. I think it's $35.
Traveling with the fam bam is always the best.

Dolphin show!!! :)
The gigantic aquarium

Would you ride on this? hahaha
My favorite photo. It looks like the fish is smiling at us :)
It was a great experience for all of us, especially when we tried the cable car! Hahaha. I miss Hong Kong. I miss its great weather. I miss their Coca-Cola (Ours tastes different light. I mean the cola flavor in HK is strong. haha) Can't wait to travel another country soon. xx

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