Sunday, February 24, 2013

City of Dreams

I didn't expect weather in Hongkong during February will be that cold. Look, I didn't wear any stockings, but boy, it is cold.  (Tiis lamig) HAHAHAH!! :))

Hello Macau! :) The weather here is almost the same in Hongkong. around 18 degrees Celsius.
Tito Roy (photobomber) lol
Oooopsss. Di ko na kinaya! hahahaha :)) I Bought stockings 'cos it's freeeeeaaaaaaking cold!! :p
Dress: Petite Monde
Scarves: SM Accessories
Flats: Mendrez 

Will post more about our trip to Macau and Hongkong soon! :) Will blog first all my outfits shots. xo
-the modern chic girl

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