Monday, February 11, 2013


Hello to all  my lovely readers. It's been a while since my last post. I've been very busy with school stuff for the past few weeks. Requirements, midterm exams and the like. But thank God, Midterm's over and hello finals na! hahaha. Yay. Vacation's near & I can't wait for Summah! :))
So yesterday, Sunday, my friends (TGIS, w/c includes my boyfriend, Keith) had our pre-valentine date. Coffee break, movie night & dinner at mega. Here's what I wore:

 I just love these flats so much. I use them at school and whenever i will do a lot of walking. So comfy and simple that they can be paired to most of my clothes. ;)
And this skirt. I pay for it half of its price. What a steal, right? :)
 Tank top: (worn inside) & Bandage skirt: Forever 21
Outer top: Gap
Bag: Wade
Flats: Mendrez

Will be posting some of our pictures from last night soon and blog about the resto, KKK.
Until then,
the modern chic girl

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